Helen Highfield



Hometown: Ithaca, NY (Once voted the most enlightened town in America!)

Things you should know about me:

  • I eat broccoli for breakfast almost every morning. On purpose.
  • I take color coding my calendar very seriously and own all of the colored pens and highlighters. All. Of. Them.
  • I was voted Most Ambitious in Eighth Grade, so there’s that.  
  • My current favorite band is Lake Street Dive.
  • I enjoy a good cup of tea.
  • I like to make lists. Can you tell?

Career Goals:

  • Make people laugh. Make people cry. The standard stuff, really.
  • Play smart, sophisticated, sexy women who have fun with language. Aaron Sorkin, any chance you’re reading this? 
  • Work on projects where I get to:
       a. Wear a corset/some other gorgeous period costume.
       b. Ride a horse.
       c. Do pratfalls. 
      d. All of the above.
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